I didn’t choose Screen Printing.  It chose me.  I became consumed with an overpowering urge to print T-shirts.  I had no previous experience, (Lino Printing in Art, at school was as near as I had come.  I had printed a shirt then and it had transformed a rather uninspiring Purple T-shirt into something a little more interesting.  It also lasted for years!).

I think it came from playing in several bands and just wanting to promote them.  So I had to find out what was involved.

I managed to source some Black Fabric Paint from a Local craft shop.  (Only colour they had available).  After some research I found that you could print with a paper template and proceeded to test print on some spare shirts that I had bought but never worn.

For my first attempts I used the Fearless Rune from the Mortal Instruments as a subject.  (Not the actual shirt).

I had 6 shirts, three grey and three white.   I got three out of these that I would wear and three painting\housework shirts.